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E-Learning Programs is the world’s first portal where anyone, anywhere can get free, accredited, higher education. For now we concentrate our trainings (courses, certificates, residencies, etc.) primarily in the health sciences, using expert-created competencies and resources. We work in partnership with experts and professional organizations for quality assurance and endorsement, and use cutting-edge educational innovations, including computer-based learning resources, and local and web-based peer-to-peer and mentoring experiences.

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ELMO announces the cooperation with LMed


Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative: Leadership, Mentoring, and Resources for Medical School Curricular Education




The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization is pleased to be part of the the Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative (LMEd).

Founded by Edward Phillips, MD and Jennifer Trilk, PhD, the LMEd offers leadership, guidance and resources to advance the adoption and implementation of lifestyle medicine curricula throughout medical education.

Currently, LMEd is focused on expanding access to lifestyle medicine education in U.S. medical schools with a concentration on subjects specifically tailored for medical students.

These subjects include: exercise/physical activity, nutrition, behavior change, and self-care.

Here is the master set of Lifestyle Medicine Medical Education Resources for ELMO members :

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