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Agnieszka Pluto-Pradzynska, PhD

Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Chair of Pathomorphology and Clinical Immunology Lifestyle Medicine Lab

In 2023 I initiated and organized in Poznan, Poland, first Scientific Conference “Lifestyle Medicine for Longevity. Blue Zones Inspirations” (, which sum up my work interests and experiences. I began my journey with Lifestyle Medicine in spring 2018 and acquired my Lifestyle Medicine Coach certificate in 2019. It was a natural consequence of my previous interest in lifestyle and immunity.
My second areas of interest are longevity Blue Zones – observing centenarians I saw that a lot of their life habits are expressed in LM tools. I understood that centenarians set an example and LM offers us tools for healthy and active longevity, like taking care of good-quality nocturnal sleep, respect to tradition, outdoors activities like walking, gardening, healthy social relationships and avoid stress and overeating.
As a teacher, I share my knowledge in these specialties with MD students in Immunology Course, at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan (PUMS), where I defended PhD thesis at the Faculty of Health Sciences on the topic of 'Yoga, physical activity and quality of life' in 2020. My prior education includes a postgraduate degree in Hospitals Management (2014), and MSc in Management and Economics. I am a Slavic gymnastic for women and yoga instructor, and have been practicing yoga since 2006. The most important value in my career has always been working with people. I help them to maintain a life-work balance, improve health, immunity and social relationships.
You are warmly welcome to follow by my interests and join the second edition of the conference on 24th May, 2024 (

Contact info:

Lifestyle Medicine Lab
Chair of Pathomorphology and Clinical Immunology
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
60-806 Poznan, ul. Rokietnicka 10
+48 662003983