Presentations | ELMO Congress 2022 | Athens | 7-9 October 2022

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Oral Presentations I: Multimodal LM interventions

Cvejic Jelena Helene (Serbia): Workplace Health Promotion Through Lifestyle Interventions

Pluto-Pradzynska Agnieszka (Poland): ‘Medicus curat natura sanat’* - include nature into 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine to support immune system. *Hippocrates of Kos (460–377 B.C.)

Vamvakis Anastasios (Greece): Lifestyle treatment of hypertension: compliance and results on blood pressure, endothelial and vascular function

Gokdemir Ozden (Turkey): The Perception of the Medical Students on Impact of a Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum

Oral Presentations II: Nutrition and Dietetics

Margetis Aggelos (Greece): Caloric Restriction in the Management of Cancer: Lessons from in Vivo Studies and Clinical Trials

Zanini Barbara (Italy): Covid-19 pandemic and eating habits among Italian adolescents: results from the online survey COALESCENT (Change amOng ItAlian adoLESCENTs).

Keynote Lecture 

George Chrousos, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Endocrinology Emeritus (Greece): Stress, Inflammation and Sleep

Round Table I: Nutrition

Ioannis Arkadianos, MD (Greece): Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular diseases

Agnieszka Muszyńska, MD (Poland): Obesity treatment - a place of lifestyle medicine in patient's care

Anca Hancu, MD, PhD (Romania)| Anti-inflammatory Diets

Anca Hancu, MD, PhD (Romania): Anti-inflammatory Diets

Prof. Ourania Kolokotroni, MD (Cyprus): Obesity in Children

Round Table II: Physical Activity

Reka Vernes, MD (Hungary): Physical Activity Prescription in Chronic Conditions

Prof. Jason Aragon Castillo, (Mexico): Physical Activity in Older Patients

Thiago Guimarães Osório, MD (Brussels): Benefits of Physical Activity

Roundtable III: Clinical Practice in Lifestyle Medicine

Prof. Dr. Carlos Van Miegem (Belgium): Stress and the heart, a tale of two stories

Aarti Javeri Mehta, MD (Dubai) & Dana Saeed, MD (Bahrain): The role of Lifestyle Medicine in managing PCOS

Tiina Hoffman (Finland): Listen to your heart: turning physiological data into lifestyle guidelines

Prof. Andrzej Mariusz Fal, MD (Poland): Pandemia, Crises & Healthy Living

Roundtable IV: Sexual Health & Fertility

Elena Gopchuk, MD, PhD (Cyprus): Management of the Stress-Related Disorders of Reproductive & Sexual Health for Women

Prof. Georgeta Vaidean, MD, PhD (USA): Opportunities in Adversity: The Role of Lifestyle Medicine in the Management of Cardiovascular Risk Post Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Oral Presentations III: Mental Health, Sleep, Behavior Change, Physical activity

Antohe Adriana (Romania): Mental Health Continuum in adolescents and young adults – from crisis and disease to flow and performance

Bartolacci Ines (Argentina): Risk Assessment of Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Obese People with Stop-Bang Questionnaire

Castela Forte José (The Netherlands): A digitally enabled lifestyle intervention delivers positive changes in nutrition, activity, sleep and stress management health behaviors

De Nys Len (Belgium): A systematic review and meta-analysis on the Combined Effects of Physical Exercise on Cortisol and Sleep in Adults.

Oral Presentations IV: Public Health, Technological Innovations in LM

Gopchuk Elena (Cyprus): Supportive Tools of Lifestyle Medicine in Rehabilitation and Treatment Protocols After Traumas, Injuries and Chronic Inflammation.

Marinescu Roxanne (Romania): Community Measures based on Lifestyle Medicine

Shehata Bassante (Germany): “We want people like you to talk to us about vaccinations”. Barriers and facilitators to vaccination among migrants in the state of Baden Württemberg, Germany: a qualitative study

Verpeléti Bence (Hungary): Missed connections: the undervalued significance of high-definition medicine in personalized health preservation

Roundtable V: The Role of Environment in Lifestyle Medicine

Prof. Doina Todea, MD (Romania): Is Sleep an Important Cornerstone in Longevity of Life?

Yohana Isabel De Gracia Hils (Spain): Thermal Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine. Forged to fight against Covid Sequels

Roundtable VI: The Future of European Lifestyle Medicine

Lilach Malatskey, MD (Israel): Physicians Health & Well-being

José Castela Forte, MD (The Netherlands): How digital health is revolutionizing preventive and population care

Prof. Giorgios Sakkas (Greece): Master of Science in Lifestyle Medicine - An international Master under the auspice of ELMO