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Keynote Lecture II
Prof. Beth Frates (USA), Education Spectrum in Lifestyle Medicine

ROUND TABLE 1:  Cardiometabolic Health in Lifestyle Medicine
Prof. Dr. Hanno Pijl (The Netherlands), Processed food and cardiometabolic health

Prof. Dr. Carlos Van Mieghem (Belgium), Cardiometabolic health: A multidimensional perspective

ROUND TABLE 2: Lifestyle Interventions in Cancer and Chronic Inflammation
Francis Elena Escalante Durán, MD (Spain), Exploring the Link Between Lifestyle and Breast Cancer

Prof. Dr. José L. Palma (Spain), Fight against meta-inflammation in non-communicable chronic diseases with lifestyle medicine strategies

Pedro L. González-Sanz, MD (Spain), Epigenetics and lifestyle medicine

Oral Presentations Session 1
Brigitta Gyebnár (Hungary), Applicability of health coaches in Hungary

Roland Kasek (Hungary), Balancing behaviour. Experiences of the development and application of the MINDiet Program in Hungary

Vilma Kriaucioniene (Lithuania), Lifestyle habits of medical students and residents and their intentions to apply lifestyle medicine knowledge while consulting patients

Özden Gökdemir (Turkey), Evaluation of the factors related to climate change anxiety among family Medicine Residents with High Ecological Footprint Awareness

Dusan Avramovic (Serbia), Physico-chemical properties of natural mineral water suitable for frequent hydration as a healthy lifestyle choice

Godfrey Grech (Malta), Multiplex technology quantifies functional and actionable microbiota to drive personalised lifestyle interventions to resolve intestinal inflammation

Adrienn Salamon (Hungary), “Hey Lucy! Your best friend on hard days!” Period tracker and menstruation calendar mobile application for the early recognition of menstrual irregularities and diseases

Oral Presentations Session 2
Anselm Model (Germany), Nonspecific chronic back pain and scoliosis of the spine. Clinical Observations

Vera Simovska (North Macedonia), Outcomes of lifestyle behaviour interventions: Multicomponent technology-assisted and lifestyle-based physical activity with diet at an advanced age

Klaudia Zuskova (Slovakia), Physical activity from the point of view of subjective well-being and support of healthy behavior

Len De Nys (UK), Promoting immunity in older adults: The interplay of physical activity and sleep in antibody maintenance

ROUND TABLE 3: Nutritional aspects in Lifestyle Medicine
Ioannis Arkadianos, MD (Greece), Mediterranean Diet and its role in weight management

Prof. Dr. Doina Todea, (Romania), Sleep and Mediterranean Diet: A Healthy Alliance

Anca Hancu, MD, PhD (Romania), Diabetes remission through nutritional intervention

ROUND TABLE 4: Physical Activity in Lifestyle Medicine
Thiago Guimarães Osório, MD (Belgium), The Influence of physical activity on digestive health and gut microbiota

Prof. Agnieszka Pluto-Pradzynska, PhD (Poland), Slavic gymnastic for women: A tradition system to support women’s health

Prof. Dr. Georgeta Vaidean (USA), Breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases: Common origins and lifestyle medicine management with a focus on physical activity and exercise

Sophia Franklin, Physiotherapist (France), Effective physical activity prescription: Factors for consideration for inactive and sedentary patients

ROUND TABLE 5: Clinical Lifestyle Interventions
Prof. Jelena Helene Cvejic (Serbia), The potential of lifestyle interventions for treating fatigue-related conditions

Yohana Isabel De Gracia Hils, MD (Spain), Wellbeing school for health care workers and residents: Pilot Project on lifestyle medicine multimodal interventions and thermal medicine approach

Prof. Giorgos K. Sakkas (Greece), Lifestyle medicine at the service of chronic kidney diseases

Bianca Delia Comsa, MD (Belgium), Chronic pain - A syndrome or a disease?

ROUND TABLE 6: Sexual Health and Lifestyle Medicine
Ioan Hanes, MD (Belgium), Men’s sexuality through lifestyle interventions

Elena Gopchuk, MD (Cyprus), Cultural projects as an interactive tool in sexual health education for lifestyle medicine practitioners

Csaba Erdős, PhD (Hungary), Ways to identify female sexual dysfunction

ROUND TABLE 7: Brain Health and Behaviour
Prof. Aleksandra Pikula (Canada), Brain health and aging through lifestyle medicine across lifespan

Elizaveta Kuznetsova, MD (Serbia), The effect of migration on lifestyle interventions

Gergely Zoltan, MD (Hungary), Lifestyle habits of anesthetists and intensive care doctors: Do physicians lead a healthy lifestyle?

Prof. Dr. Robert Kelly (Ireland), Getting to heart of lifestyle medicine

Oral Presentations Session 3
Robert Hage (Grenada), Stepping outside of the classroom to explore lifestyle medicine: a qualitative analysis of medical students’ hash experiences in Grenada

Martin Nilsson (Sweden), Physical health predicts weight loss in lifestyle intervention

AG Palladino-Davis (USA), Integrating lifestyle medicine into routine endocrinology care of women

Andreia Patrão (Portugal), Oral function & lifestyle medicine - Current updates Private Practice, Oral Rehabilitation, Porto, Portugal

Catarina Rosado (Portugal), The HYGIEIA Project: Co-creation of a European joint Master degree on health and wellbeing promotion

Zorica Terzic Supic (Serbia), Attribution of modifiable risk factors to the total burden of chronic respiratory diseases

Oral Presentations Session 4
Özden Gökdemir (Turkey), The relationship between illness perception and smoking among COPD patients

Rita Bérczes (Hungary), Effective health management via long-term alteration of the gastrointestinal microbiome: A case study

Dorottya Krisztina Vajdovich (Hungary), Investigation of pseudocereal-based beverages enriched with antioxidants, protein and fibre

ROUND TABLE 8: Environmental Factors in Lifestyle Medicine
Prof. Dr. Andree Rochfort (Ireland), Lifestyle medicine, quality of care and planetary health

Eleni Prifti, PhD (The Netherlands), The importance of water cycles in designing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Nerella Chauvin - Nemethy, Occupational health therapist (Hungary), Why is lifestyle medicine important in ergotherapy?

Prof. Dr. Ourania Kolokotroni (Cyprus), Lifestyle before life: The role of lifestyle during the preconception period on the health of the mother and child

ROUND TABLE 9: Education in Lifestyle Medicine
Ioan Hanes, MD (Belgium), The health and fitness lifestyle advisor certificate

Prof. Dr. Benno Krachler (Sweden) and Pela Petraki Kavvadia, MD (Greece), Internship in lifestyle medicine – Developing a curriculum

Pedro L. González-Sanz, MD (Spain), First online lifestyle medicine certification in Spain: Pioneering lifestyle medicine education for the Hispanic world

Gustavo Hirt, MD (Brazil), Future of medical education: Lifestyle medicine impact on Brazilian and Latin America health