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Podcast Lifestyle is on Air!

The Podcast Initiative is a joint action of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) and the Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Organization (BELMO) to familiarize you with the activities of these two organizations and the principles of the lifestyle medicine.

Chapter 1|Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

In the first chapter of our series of podcasts, Ioan Hanes, MD (Belgium) and Ines Correia, MD (Portugal) will talk about:

  • Doctor Ignac Semmelweis, who introduced the standard of hand hygiene, so often used these days
  • The interview with Tatiana Popescu, MD from Bucharest, Romania, which focuses on how she changed the nutrition habits of her family after graduating from the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate; she also launched her lifestyle medicine initiative on: https://www.facebook.com/DrLifestyle-104440794571470/
  • Intermittent fasting between tradition and medical recommendations
  • The new book about intermittent fasting, Life in the Fasting Lane: the essential guide to making intermittent fasting simple, sustainable, and enjoyable by Jason Fung, Eve Mayor and Megan Ramos
  • How nutrition affects our genes, and what a modern nutrition consultation looks like: an interview with the Greek nutrition researcher Valentini Konstantinidou, Phd, from Spain. She is the ELMO expert in nutrition and a successful businesswoman: https://www.dnanutricoach.com |Her contact address:  valentini@dnanutricoach.com

Dr. Ioan Hanes


Dr. Inês Mendes Correia


Dr. Tatiana Popescu


Prof. Valentini Konstantinidou



Chapter 2|Physical Activity and Lifestyle Medicine

The second chapter of the Podcast will be available in two weeks’ time and it will focus on Physical Activity and Lifestyle Medicine.

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