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ELMO Members Benefits
  • Members Certificates with your name indicating that you are an ELMO member
  • Members Area access which includes:
    • Access to scientific material available to members only
    • All exclusive offers & opportunities for ELMO members only
    • ELMO Members Network

  • ELMO Bulletin/Newsletter exclusive to ELMO members
  • E-learning opportunities|Discounted or Free
  • Exclusive discounts in events/congresses organized by ELMO or by ELMO partners
  • Exclusive access to and special rates on clinical practice tools and resources
  • Support in respect of your practice of development in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Special discounts in enrollment fees in university programs or LM related programs of ELMO partners
  • Promotional Opportunity to be featured in ELMO’s social media accounts up to two times per membership year
  • A complimentary copy of the ELMO E- Book (of € 55 value)