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Lilach Malatskey MD, MHA

Chairman of the society of Lifestyle Medicine, Israel Association of Family Physicians

Specialist in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and Vice Dean for community education, Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar Ilan University. She has a master's degree in health administration, Ben Gurion University. She is the founder (2011) and chairman of the Israeli society of Lifestyle Medicine in the Israel Medical Association.

She is the Primary editor of the syllabus for the study of lifestyle medicine and a Coordinator and lecturer of Lifestyle medicine courses for family practitioners, residents, and medical students. She is the head of the Israeli forum for physician's health and wellbeing (2015) in the Israeli medical association and leading programs to improve physician's health including Mifne – an emotional support organization for physicians, congresses for physician's health and more.

She is the creator of an online Lifestyle Medicine course for primary physician in NextGenU- the world’s first free, accredited, higher education portal (2018) and in the Israeli medical Association online school (2020). She is trained as a personal health coacher and a group facilitator. She studied International medicine in the Israel Medical Association and the Geneva seminar for health and globalization. She volunteers to coordinate a delegation for HIV prevention to KZN South Africa and as an instructor of AIDS prevention course for local leaders in Myanmar.

Today, she is working as a family physician at a rural practice in Zichron Yaakov.

In addition to her family medicine specialization, she underwent training in emergency medicine and has worked in the Afula Medical center emergency department as senior physician for 15 years. She performed full army service as commander of a number of Airforce Clinics and medical administrative posts in the Israel Defense Force (Rank Lt.Col).

Contact info:

Mobile: 972-50-7785265