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Dr. Mekdes Mekonnen Kifle (MD, MPH, MPHN)

I am a medical doctor and public health specialist. I have had the opportunity to work alongside various specialist and subspecialist physicians in Ethiopia. This experience has allowed me to develop a deep expertise in clinical medicine and public health.
My journey in medicine began when I joined St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College, where I graduated as a medical doctor with great distinction. Subsequently, I started my medical career as a general practitioner in the Internal Medicine Department while simultaneously pursuing my master's degree in public health. Throughout my studies, I always questioned if there was a field that could bridge public health and clinical practice. I strongly believe in the importance of prevention, but I also have a passion for clinical practice and counseling patients. The fact that a double burden of malnutrition is currently being witnessed in Ethiopia, coupled with the inadequate focus on nutrition even in   tertiary hospitals, has further sparked my interest in the field of nutrition.
I pursued my second master's degree in public health nutrition at Oslo Metropolitan University, with a research focus on healthy eating. My area of interest lies in lifestyle medicine, and I am dedicated to understanding the root causes of health issues to diagnose and provide counseling on lifestyle modifications for patients.
I am truly passionate about improving the lives of individuals through the integration of medicine and public health. By combining my medical knowledge with a focus on preventive measures, I strive to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of the global community.