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Zoja Tammor

Zoja Tammor is a graduate of Tallinn University, where she earned a BA of Arts in Social Science. Throughout studies and career, she has focused on medical marketing and have worked with both private and public clinics. She believes that in order to effectively promote healthy lifestyles and preventive medicine, it is important for healthcare marketers to have a knowledge of this exact field in order to accurately convey information to the public. Medical marketing often involves educating the public about health and wellness, rather than just promoting a product or service. This can require a more in-depth understanding of medical science and the ability to convey complex information in an easily understandable message. Last year she attended SSPH+ Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics, and Management in Lugano where practitioners, researchers, and graduate students come together from all over the world for a unique learning experience focused on public health impact.